What Is Sound Healing

Healing Sound and Vibration practice is done primarily with Gongs, and other healing musical instruments to enable you to relax, reset, feel, be, and belong.

Meditation is one of the ways in which the spiritual man keeps himself awake.
— Thomas Merton

  • To understand the concept of healing with sound, one needs to first accept the concept that everything in the Universe is made from energy. There is no ‘solid’ matter, just packets of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Those that vibrate at low frequencies form ‘solid’ matter, those that vibrate at higher energies for ‘liquid’ and gaseous matter, and those at very high energies form various types of electromagnetic radiation such as heat and light. Nonsense? Well, the Ancients have believed this theory for centuries and now modern science in the form of quantum mechanics and related fields are proving this to us ‘modern’ Humans.
  • All energy vibrates at an optimum frequency, hence all the cells, bone structure and organs of the body vibrate at an optimum frequency. When the body is vibrating at its optimum frequency, you are in the peak of physical health, happiness, contentment and well being. Unfortunately stress (in particular), illness and dis-ease cause a shift in the vibrational energy and this manifests itself as physical ailments or mental disorders.
  • Sound healing is the practice of ‘re-tuning’ the body parts back to their optimum vibration frequency. The gong is particularly good at this. They produce a wide range of frequencies, tones and harmonies and the body is very good at selecting the frequencies it requires to heal itself using a process known as entrainment. Essentially the body 're-tunes' itself using these vibrations rather like a piano tuner returning a grand piano.
  • Particles vibrate at a specific frequency for each source, called its natural frequency. Occasionally, objects vibrating at their natural frequencies will cause resonance. Resonance is when objects with the same natural frequency as the vibrating source also begin to vibrate. When resonance happens it affects can be very powerful. Gongs and use symphonic tones to balance the body and restore harmony.
  • Like adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance. Bathing in the vibrations of a Symphonic Gong will instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. Back to your own SOUL’S SONG.
  • Sound and music have profound effects on our physiology - awakening the memory of wholeness and entraining the body toward greater harmony and balance.

•Sound meditation is a mental practice engaging your attention to sound. Sound acts as an auditory stimulus that overrides the activity in the brain and synchronizes the brain’s activity to the frequencies and rhythmic patterning being heard.

•When used with live sound, the experience is not just with the ears, it is a full body sensory experience in which the body comes into direct contact with vibrations.

•It is sound that makes this type of meditation practice unique. The sound waves travel as energy from the sound source to the listener, who may then experience a shift in awareness, increased alertness, an ease in mental activity and reduced discursive thinking patterns.

•Sound meditation has a biochemical effect, reducing stress hormones and creates a feeling of contentment and relaxation.

Benefits of a Sound Session

  1. Sound hydrates the tissue.
  2. Sound helps the body stay more liquid.
  3. Improved overall alignment.
  4. Sound work speaks directly to the innate intelligence of the person.
  5. Sound compliments and enhances other mind body therapies.
  6. Sound improves circulation and oxygenation.
  7. Sound helps dissolve historically held memories in tissue.
  8. A deeper rest and relaxation is obtained.
  9. A balancing of the electro-magnetic field.
  10. Pain is often released.

Private Sound Healing:

Each session begins with some dialogue and an evaluation of what you would like to focus on that day. You will then lay on a massage table, or floor is you are receiving a sound bath, and relax. You may see images, colors, pictures or have various sensations or emotions arise. Each session is different depending on your intention that day - sometimes you may just relax and receive, other times there is a more active dialogue. It is helpful for you to have an intention, or focus in mind, and also any questions you may be seeking answers to. The focus can be on almost anything. Some common themes are - 

~ Help with a physical ailment  

~ Increasing physical energy levels

~ Relief from stress and anxiety

~ Releasing energy from the past that is affecting you now

~ Helping to focus the mind and lessen mind chatter

~ Releasing clients/students energy from your space (great for healers, teachers, etc.)

~ Chakra balancing

~ Assistance in dealing with traumatic emotional events (ie, breakup, death, or other loss)

~ Assistance during a time of dramatic change (ie job change, move etc.)

~ Assistance in a time of spiritual growth

~ Help with depression 

~ Detoxification

~ Working towards a specific goal (career, physical etc.)

Sound Healing - Lisa uses tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, Paiste gongs,drums, crystal pyramid, and voice to apply sound directly on or over the body. Sound helps to heal on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is deeply relaxing and brings harmony to the body and mind.

Sound Meditation - You may receive a miniature version of a sound bath in Lisa's treatment room. You lie in a comfortable position while the sounds of planetary gongs and crystal bowls re-tune your body, mind, and spirit. One or two gongs and a few crystal bowls are used during this session. You may experience this alone, or with a friend (there is a three person max - four can fit if you want to be very cozy). 

Shamanism/Intuitive Readings - Lisa has studied the Quiero Linage, and Totec practices and has been Certified to practice though the Medicine Wheel.   Through reading the client’s energy and communication with guides, Lisa will receive insights, visuals, and messages for the client. This is effective for receiving information about past lives, clearing old traumas, receiving information about a particular challenge you are dealing with, and so much more.  If you have specific questions or topics you wish to know more about have these questions ready. 

Yoga - Using all the tools (500 hour certified in yoga) (incl. asana, meditation, pranayama) yoga philosophy, and sound Lisa will work with you to develop a personal practice using sound, breath, yoga, and visualization to assist you in your goals. Committing to a personal practice will help you reach your goals much faster and compliment the effects of a sound healing session.


Email Lisa at info@gongster.com   to schedule an appointment.