Dave's Astanga Gong Meditation Workshop

Dave's Astanga Gong Meditation Workshop


Find out answers to these questions:

Music Biology: What the body likes, and dislikes.

1. WHY IS SOUND is a necessity  for our bodies? 


3. DISCOVER THE HEALING PROPERTIES of sound, vibration and frequency.

1 1/2 HOURS.

I will be answering these questions and others you may have in the first 30 mins.


We will have a full hour of Sound Healing Meditation. LIMITED SPACE Public Drop in: $20


Bring: yoga mat, or small mattress, pillow and blanket. There will be no asanas or yoga practice.


Phone: Cheryl Oliver: (480) 216-2602


Studio Address:

Dave’s Astanga Yoga

East 7950 Redfield Rd., Suite 170

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


We are located in the Redfield Office Plaza, on the NW corner of Hayden and Redfield Roads in the Scottsdale Airpark. From the 101, exit Raintree and head west. Make a left onto Hayden Road. Dave’s is on the north west corner.


What Happens in a Gong Meditation?


The mind cannot predict the sounds of the gong, so the mind gives into the gong, thus slowing the brainwaves. We want to ride the waves between Theta, which is a place of awake yet a deep relaxation, (dream state), and sleep state, (Delta The Gong makes it easy to meditate even for those who find meditation difficult.


The sound healing of the Gong uses vibration, which enters every cell of the body for healing and release. These frequencies bring together the 5 senses, elevating us above them.


You can set an intention of what you would like to release, and then let it go. I prefer that you just “BE” and feel the vibrations around you, and let you ‘essence’ guide the meditation.


Our bodies are energy, our organs operate at a certain frequency. The gongs vibration will entrain to what is needed for optima health, and remove toxins that do not belong.


We are going from our cultures stigma of, no pain no gain; thinking and doing, and entering a place of Feeling and Being. This is where all the healing takes place. Our bodies are amazing healers when we stay out of the way!


Everyone experiences the gong differently (physically, auditory, and/or visual) You can feel energy moving in your body, hear things such as whales dolphins, airplanes, singing monks, angels, etc. or see colors visions, and embark on journeys. Anything that can happen in a dream state. There is no right or wrong!


In the first few minutes, get comfortable either laying down (preferred) or sitting. If you feel the urge to move during the meditation, breathe into the area before you move. It could be just stuck energy that needs to be released, and indicate you are on the verge of a breakthrough or a release. Sometimes it is just our ego objecting to letting go.


What come up, comes up to get out. Sound is neutral, and the body uses the frequencies to harmonize the entire system; physical, mental, and spiritual. Restore health, Relieve Pain, and enhance creativity, and train the mind to easily go into a meditative state, which makes it easier to meditate in any practice.


Gong Meditation, showed a decrees in brain cell volume in the amygdala, which is responsible for fear, anxiety, and stress which were matched with my students reports of their decreased stress levels, indicating that gong meditation not only changes the brain, but it changes our perception and feelings as well.

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