Gongster channels Vibration and Frequency from multidimensional realms.

Lisa Lippincott is the owner and creator of Gongster as well as the Scottsdale Cactus Retreat. She has been immersed in the practice of sound healing for over 10 years. She uses many Gongs which include a Two Tone of Life 64" Gongs (Earth and Air)  4 Paiste Planetary Gongs  38" Sedna, 32" Nibiru, 26" Venus, 36" Pluto, 36), Meinl Flower of Life Gong, and 'Tone of Life' Dance Gong 22" 

These sounds create messages for healing & Love which creates a remembrance of our oneness. "Relax, Reset, Feel, Be, and Belong" It is about sound healing, and creating a theta healing through binaural beats, getting out of the way, so we reset/heal our bodies, mentally, physically, spiritually.

My Story:

A life changing event grounded Lisa
from her passion of flying jets.
But as most misfortunate happenings, it too,
was a gift in disguise. 

She learned to fly with her Gong,
finding that "sweet spot" once again,
healing herself, and others.
She shares this gift for those who are interested.


I became One with All.

This passion lead me into the most wonderful experience flying airplanes, and at the end of my 25 year career, flying the fastest passenger jet in the world.

After all the numerous tests and no concrete diagnosis (other than vestibular migraines, fibromyalgia, and areotoxins), I felt doomed.. There were no remedies. I started posting spiritual Facebook photos and started groups in my home. I couldn't go out. I started a book study group in my home called The Way to Mastery. From this study group, spiritual postings that I was attracted to on FB, my soul was trying to communicate with me. I had a deep knowing the answer for my healing would come to the surface...One day strongly and suddenly it came to me.... Vibration!

Vibration is the answer!!!

So, today, I fly on the ground, I am in the moment, and am back with my Soul's Song! Somehow the fact that our spirit, thoughts, and emotions are all composed of energy that vibrates at different frequencies was overlooked in the past. We are transceivers as we both send and receive energy information.



  • B.S. Human Development at UC DaviS

  • Degree at the Globe Institute in San Francisco 

  • Certification & Associate Degree in Sound Healing (2016)


  • Reiki Certified LEVELS I & II

  • 200 hRS certified Yoga Instructor: AtOne Yoga Studio

  • 300 hrs certified Authentic Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yoga Nidra Instructor

  • GRADUATED THE Medicine Wheel advanced courses (2008) 

  • TOUGHT THE Medicine Wheel advanced courses (2009)

  • 4 YEARS OF Meditation Practices with Durga Ma* (2003)

*Lisa Completed and assisted in Completion of all Meditation Classes offered: Study of the Bhagavad Gita, and Sanskrit. Completed Shaktipat Intensive with Durga Ma in 2008, and assessed in classes thereafter.

  • Certified flight Instructor

  • Contract professional Jet Pilot

  • FLew the fastest passenger jet in the world

  • Communication for safety of flight in cockpit

  • Corporate Pilot (1987-2010)

  • Captain of Cessna Citation X

  • Ski Instructor in Tahoe

  • Dealer: Gongs and Sound Healing instruments.

  • ExcLUSsive US Dealer of Tone of Life Gongs

  • Taught after school programs for children (YMCA)

  • Taught School Children 4th through 8th Grade in 1984